A homeless kitten mewled and dragged its paws

This baby with a paralyzed lower body was found on the street. It moved only with the help of its front legs but was full of strength to recover and run again.

This kitten was picked up on the street in the United States. Its hind legs were paralyzed and it dragged them along, collecting leftovers. They took the baby and took it to Kitten Carer Rescue, where it was happily taken into care.

The staff determined that the baby’s lower body did not work because of compression of the vertebrae, and it moved only with the help of the front legs. In addition, it was skinny, worn out, and covered with fleas. Volunteers immediately took over for its recovery.

Despite its ailments, the kitten, named Mohan, immediately showed itself as an energetic and sociable boy. It mewed loudly, not hesitating to ask for food or affection, and loved to purr on the caretaker’s lap.

The guardians began to give the baby special exercises, physical therapy, and water therapy. Mohan was happy to reschedule, as if fully aware that it would help it. After a while, the movement of the hind legs began to improve – and this was already a request for success!

After a couple of weeks, the mobility of the kitten became much better, it e began to step on the legs, more explore and play a lot. When Mohan is fully recovered, they will find permanent owners for this wonderful boy.

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