The dog was abandoned and tied to a tree in the park, leaving a bag of food nearby

Shelter Polanka helps animals in trouble. We will dedicate several articles to animals, former wards of the shelter, who have managed to find happiness in this world.

The dog lived with the family and at some point became unwanted. The former miserable owners came up with no other solution than to simply tie the dog to a tree in the park.

A knotted bag of food was placed next to the animal. The animal was discovered by people walking in the park and contacted volunteers at the Polanka shelter.

The shelter staff and visitors who come to walk the dog liked the dog very much. One day Vera came to see the dog and fell in love with it.

For a while, they found common ground within the walls of the orphanage, and then the woman took the girl in. Its name is now Gela.

The owner says that Gela has adapted quickly to the new place. It loves to sit on the sofa, cuddle with its owner and play. It does not give up its toys yet, it just carries them in its teeth, but there is still work to be done on that. After all, not all at once!

There is still a cat living at home, but the dog is very relaxed about it. Purr-face just observes the new family member and Gela wants to play with it as soon as possible. During its walks Gela has made friends with the local dogs. Vera asks for advice from a dog breeder who will help her with the training. Such is the story that began rather sadly. But it is good that the dog was seen and not passed by and found a home.

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