The Existence of the Enormous UFO ‘Confirmed’ in a Classified FBI Report

On July 8, 1947, the US document Memorandum 6751 was declassified and made public by the FBI archives, which acknowledges the presence of extraterrestrial life. This memorandum is cited as a significant work of ufology literature in “The Extra-Dimensionals: True Tales and Concepts of Alien Visitors,” written by former FBI agent John DeSouza.

The book mentions that the memorandum warns of a potential crisis involving flying saucers, which could cause panic and mistrust of aliens among the public.

The author of the material also claims that the operation of flying saucers involves both remotely operated and piloted discs. Additionally, the book states that despite having a benevolent purpose, these UFOs have the ability to defend themselves against human weaponry in various ways.

According to the narrative, travelers are human-like but much larger beings that ride “planes” resembling discs and are powered by some type of radiant energy or lightning that can instantly annihilate any invader.

An anonymous professor claims that the aliens may enter the etheric body at will and vanish from human sight due to their unmatched agility.

Although a lot of the information in this text is extremely thorough, there are some inconsistencies.

First, the author’s identity is not made clear, despite the fact that he asserts to have a long list of credentials and to have run a university department. Another element that needs to be considered is the fact that the FBI developed the document, not someone else.

Contrary to early Roswell claims, this file mentions “living things far larger than humans.” They also supposedly have the capacity to live in different dimensions or realms.

The article’s author, however, never explained how he gathered all the data. Everything in Memorandum 6751 is unclear after this point.

Unfortunately, the remaining 66 pages are not available. News portal Film Daily, in turn, reported about another fascinating discovery, which is related, although not documented.

Allegedly, 10 years ago, the FBI declassified the 70-page document and placed it in The Vault. The publication assured that the data was declassified in 2010. NASA and other space agencies have been hesitant to consider anomalies or artificial structures in spaceflight as potentially extraterrestrial, but astronomer Avi Loeb disagrees. He believes that science should not be influenced by social stigma or cultural bias that prevents unbiased empirical research.

Therefore, Loeb advocates for the use of new telescopes, both literally and figuratively, to explore the possibility of alien life. He is leading the Galileo project, which aims to modernize existing telescopes to search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.


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